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Pearson Clinical and Talent Assessment, a division of Pearson, is a leading global test publisher, founded in 1921. We are the owners of the world-renowned Psychcorp brand of assessments. We provide quality assessments, training workshops and valid and reliable outcomes to help all individuals. Our assessments are used across India and worldwide. Drawing on our professional knowledge and capabilities, we are dedicated to providing proven standardised assessments and interventions that transform lives and help professionals in education, mental-health services and other areas to provide the best possible learning and care.

This blog is our attempt to create virtual communities of schools and professionals such as school principals, teachers, special educators, and educators in general, who choose to be vanguards for change in our education system and help school children in India learn better. The focus of this blog is learning disability among school children, in general, and dyslexia, in particular, this being the most common form of learning disability. If you are a forward thinking school professional who believes in leading change from the front in her school environment, this is your space to contribute, comment and educate your fellow educators on pressing issues related to learning disability as it occurs in the most important asset we can offer our future generations – our children.

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